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Psycho In The Chapeau

Séthe ♥
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  • sca_sethe@livejournal.com
Hej! I am Séthe, better known as Anna Tramell. I abuse my LJ with pitiful icons, fanfiction related updates, and anything that may be of interest to someone else. Sometimes I whine and bitch - you're free to skip those.

All the pitiful icons I use are homemade - Coming from Lady Gaga videos, there's one from V, and then one from 9. Maybe one day I'll get better at them...

Jump to the Browser Experiment: http://sca-sethe.livejournal.com/44199.html

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> 93 / 12 / 3

Other sites I regulate
http://wwww.facebook.com [Anna Tramell - I'll add you as long as you post you're from Fanfiction or Livejournal, with name used pleased]

-- -- Community Posts -- --
*exp_cultures: I am the mod, and I'm active in it, but not too much. Plan to kick it up into gear at some time

*linguaphiles: I'm a native English speaker in the United States (Southeast area). I'm focusing on becoming fluent in Spanish and Swedish, while dabbling in Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and many others). Anything I can learn, I want to learn in the language field, however I'm not even bi-lingual. I am, however, filled with trivia and outside links that may be of use to other people. :)

*handmade_gifts: I lurk on this site. So far, I was able to make a Popsicle Stick Basket successfully.

*dailyfoodies: I'm considered an amateur cook with crazy ideas (That sometimes work, some are WIP). I lurk for recipes, and input on successful and easy creations.